Gossard Entice | Floral Bloom and Sheer Delight

March 17, 2016

I always look forward to seeing Gossard’s latest collections.  They’re one of the most most worldwide recognised lingerie brands and it’s all because of their trend led aesthetics and accessibility.   This is true for many other D-G friendly brands too but Gossard have something that’s unique to them only: something intangible but quantified by thrill.

Following Gossard‘s sumptuous winter season of ample lace and decadence, it paved the way for the early SS16 collections, with Entice stepping in with an exotic allure about it.  Combining painterly pink blooms and mock sheer panelling nodding to the bondage trend, Entice is a glorious collision of beauty and soft erotica.


Gossard sent me the Gossard Entice plunge bra (32G/£34) and Gossard Entice brief (large/£14)


The Gossard Entice plunge bra is a straight-up “look at me!’ design that ticks all the right boxes for the fashion conscious wearer, and for me, it was made perfect in its plunge.  Deep and narrow centre gores make for amazing cleavage, and just the perfect style whether your boobs are close together (like me) or you need/crave that little bit of oomph.

Taking a look at Entice’s make-up, you’re getting a softly padded, moulded style, which means its rounded shape is seam-free, lightweight and gives you an extra bit of support in the cup.  Straps are fully adjustable and the band closes on two hooks, while gold hardware finishes off the look with a luxe feel.




Entice is a gorgeous and totally undeniably fashion forward piece of boob kit, but I found the sizing to be quite off.  You have to remember that boobs are forever changing shape and size anyway, but even allowing this, I found Entice’s fit bigger than I’ve come to expect from Gossard.

On occasion I’ve got away with a 30G, but my typical go-to Gossard size is a 32G, so when I found this bra to be much bigger in the cup than usual it was incredibly disappointing.  Generally, the cup feels like a cup-size larger.  I feel swamped in it; the cups come up way too high under my arm and I have space around the apex which I don’t fill.  In this respect, I would imagine downsizing a straight cup to a 30G would, hopefully, solve the problem.  (I was given the opportunity to try out a 30G afterwards but I thought it best just to keep to the one review for ease and time keeping.)




The Gossard Entice brief matches the bra’s styling with it’s floral print and sheer panel design.  This time, unlike the bra which has a mock sheer panel, the panel is a see through mesh.  It’s a gorgeous pair of knickers that looks really cute and stylish and feels sensually silky to the touch.

The waistband is quite narrow which I’d normally be okay about, but it seems to have inadequate hold, especially with having the deep mesh panel just beneath it.  Interestingly, much like the bra I found the brief slightly on the big side.  I usually prefer a large brief, but bearing in mind a Gossard large is a 14-16, this could be seen as being a bit more true to size.  I would size down and try a medium (12-14) next time.




Gossard have truly created a stunning collection with Entice.  It has the right amount of pretty without being delicate and twee, and it’s a huge bonus to see a little daring touch too.  On trend designs don’t come by as often as I’d like to see in the full bust domain, and we all need fabulous lingerie such as this on tap.

Have you tried Gossard’s Entice collection?  If so, how did you get on with the sizing?  Maybe you have your eye on another Gossard range?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Nadia

    March 17, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Never tried Gossard, I’d love to try the Gypsy or any VIP range piece!

    It’s to bad that the 32G was too big…it looks awesome on you though, hope you get the new sizes asap, Becky!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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