Freya Officially Named a Cool Brand!

September 24, 2013

Large cup lingerie tends to have a poor reputation where fashion is concerned.  Conceptions that underwear for the busty is frumpy and far from on trend lends to the continuing opinion that anyone over a D cup wears granny bras and don’t get to wear current trends.  

Freya Lingerie has long been a favourite of mine since wearing a 28H-30GG bra, so I’m pretty biased when saying I think they’re a cool brand who produce youthful and trend aware designs.  But, now you don’t just have to take my word for it, because CoolBrands have agreed with Freya’s fans to say Freya are officially a cool brand!

Freya Flourish

Industry respected CoolBrands, which started back in 2oo1, consists of a panel of leading fashion influencers including the likes of designer Julian McDonald, top blogger Bip Ling, model Daisy Lowe and make up artist, Ruby Hammer, whose jobs are to judge thousands of brands in collating the official list of brands to be seen in.  These guys live and breath fashion so make the perfect judges!

If you’re a fashion conscious D+ bra wearer you’re in safe hands, because Freya regularly release modern collections reflecting hot looks straight off the catwalk.  There’s also rumour that Katy Perry apparently wears Freya too!  

Freya Deco Charm

Do you agree that Freya is a cool brand?  Which collection has been your favourite from Freya and what would you like to see come from the brand?

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