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May 12, 2012

Freya’s Jolie is one of their best selling collections but it took me a while to take the plunge and try it out.  I’ve never been a huge fan of lace lingerie because I tend to find a lot of lace fabrics quite irritating, and looking at Jolie from a distance I assumed it to be another one of those.  When I recently decided to take a chance I was really glad I did, because it’s a truly fantastic bra.

I bought the Jolie in white, a simple basic colour, and leading by my experiences with some GGs being on the small size, I opted for the 28H, and it’s the perfect size.  The 28 band was comfortable and unrestrictive, so if you’re between sizes like me and go for 30 backs when a 28 is too tight, this will be okay for you.

Jolie is a very lightweight balcony bra with generously covering cups formed with soft touch overlaid lace providing a good supportive structure.  The lace is modern looking with imprints of a floral design and pretty pink bows for decoration.  I don’t think it’s frumpy in the slightest, very fresh, innocent and young.

The straps are quite wide which is never a bad thing where big boobies are concerned while the band is a good, deep 3 by 3 hook and eye.  I feel no dig whatsover with the underwires and the cups don’t cut into my armpits like I’ve found some Freyas can, which proves it’s not a too broad a bra – perfect for smaller frames.

I’m finding more and more that my boobs don’t agree totally with the format of balconettes.  I love the look of them but my bust thinks otherwise, and I’m finding yet again with Jolie that my boobs are fighting with the high centre gore.  I see a little red sore in the middle when I take my bra off but other than that, I don’t find it bothersome as I wear it.  I’m actually loving how encasing and supportive the cups feel, having had some much bother in the past with overflowing, badly fitting bras, so I forgive Jolie for her minor contention with me.

Jolie is not a sexy bra and not one I’d flaunt but it feels really good to wear for long periods of time and it offers a natural silhouette.  Sometimes you just want a reliable bra and this is the one for the job.

The only sad thing I’d say about Jolie is that it’s no longer produced in an array of colour options, having seen some gorgeous pink versions floating around on the internet.  At the moment you can only buy the continuity range consisting of only the white or black.  Hopefully Freya will recognise how much Jolie is cherished and indulge us with some more luscious, colourful bras of fancy.

Becky x

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