Curvy Kate Portia – Bravissimo Visit

February 9, 2013

My recent experience with Curvy Kate‘s Princess bra wasn’t the success I’d hoped for.  I’d found the fit very broad with straps that teetered on the edge of my shoulders.  I absolutely loved the style and the berry colour was just delicious so I was immensely disappointed that I couldn’t wear Princess.  I was soon to see a glimmer of hope, however, since my post last week prompted Curvy Kate to inform me that corrections had been made to the design of Princess.  Armed with this knowledge, I was encouraged to seek out a new Curvy Kate release to judge for myself whether the fit indeed had been improved on.  My visit to Bravissimo earlier this week gave me the perfect chance to again try on Curvy Kate for size.

On Bravissimo’s website I noticed they sold both the Princess and Portia collections, so I was frustrated to find only the Portia in store.  It wasn’t much use being told I could order it online as the chance to try on garments at Bravissimo is the reason why I opt to go into the store.  Never mind, I thought, there’s still Portia.  Wrong!  For some reason, Bravissimo don’t stock Portia in a 28 back, yet I’m led to believe Curvy Kate do produce Portia in a 28.  I’m slightly confused why Bravissimo would choose to size from a 30 back when they are usually the first stockist you’d think of when looking for small back bras.

I would have tried the 28H but since that wasn’t available the assistant suggested I tried the 30H instead.  I’m sure I grimaced when she said this, having a huge inkling that it would be quite a bit too big, but I agreed hesitantly and asked for 28H sister size 30GG to try on too.

Now, I’d never tried on Portia before and hadn’t seen it for real, either.  In reality, Portia is a really pretty, intricate design and this season’s new colour, Seafoam, is a really appealing looker.  I was relieved to find that when I put (30GG) Portia on, the straps sat in a good position on my shoulders.  The band was also firm but not uncomfortable and the cups fully encasing.  I loved the look and the feeling.

I tried the 30H on just to compare and surprisingly struggled at first to see the difference.  With several photos taken at varying angles it soon became apparent – the shape of the cups gave it all away.  The 30H was too loose to support my bust properly, creating a dropped shape.  Comparing to the 30GG, you see the lift and firmness; a much better fit.

There’s also slight wrinkling along the mesh of the cups of the 30H and also space just beneath where the straps begin, showing the 30H is marginally too big.

I was so impressed with the fit of the 30GG I seriously considering buying it but I didn’t, purely because I didn’t have a 28H, or 28HH to compare it to.  When I generally wear a 28 back I like to be sure a 28 is beyond wearability before I consider looking at a 30.  This refers me back to my earlier point, why Bravissimo don’t stock 28 back Portia?  It’s a mystery to me, and as such I continue with my quest: to find the best fitting Curvy Kate I can.

Becky x


  1. lingerieandlibraries

    February 9, 2013 at 1:26 am

    I’d like to know which bras models Curvy Kate has fixed. I tried a Criss Cross and had the straps so far that my armpits were cut into and the shape of the cup was awful and small (normally a 28H/30GG, ordered a 28HH and was way small). I’m interested in the new shape after this post but I wish they would post a list of which bras have been improved.

  2. Becky Boudoir

    February 9, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I don’t think Criss Cross is made anymore so it’s probably an older model you’ve tried, like the one I bought earlier. I know Princess was improved but I agree, it would be good to know which collections exactly have been changed. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with these problems.

    Becky x

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