Bravissimo Fitting & Freya Review

April 13, 2012

Following a bad relationship with my 32F/FF bras and a brief encounter with some 30Gs I found myself pounding the high street of my local big-ish town of Darlington in an attempt to find a good retailer with sound fitting advice.  I soon realised this was a far bigger and more complex problem I had on my hands when I kept coming up against shops that were shocked at my question: if they stocked 28 back bras.  I knew I had only one reasonable option left.  Bravissimo.

Bravissimo has fast become a leader in the large cup market and is rapidly gaining a huge following of dedicated customers who return time and again because of their expert knowledge.  Unfortunately there aren’t too many of their high street shops yet and with my nearest branch being all the way up in Newcastle, it was a pretty hike.  I knew I really had to go and get fitted properly once and for all and despite the distance made the special trip to Bravissimo situated in the indoor Eldon Garden Shopping Centre.

It was quite late on in the morning by the time I’d arrived and I was surprised by how quiet the store was.  I expected there to be queues of desperate women eager to get fitted but there were only a handful customers; a lady was purchasing a new bra while someone’s partner sat waiting in the seated area. It wasn’t long before I was greeted by a friendly looking assistant who welcomed me to sit down and swiftly took my name.  I merely had to wait a few minutes before the fitting consultant was available to see me.

My fitting consultant was a lady called Susan and she really was an easy person to talk to despite what could have been an embarrassing situation.  Not everyone is comfortable getting their boobs out, especially in front of complete strangers, so it’s nice when in these situations you have someone who is both professional yet personable, and treats you with respect.  Susan asked me if I was okay having her present in the room with me or if I would be happier if she stood outside the room while I undressed, and I said I was completely okay with her staying.  See what I mean about treating you like a real person, unlike some certain places I’ve recently encountered.  Asking the customer, because it’s your decision, is such an important part of this process and I’m pleased I was offered the question.

Looking at me wearing my own bra Susan had a quick look over and feel of my band and without doubt said I looked like I needed a 28GG, even an H.  I said that it’s probably because I have a boob bigger than the other which she simply assured me is normal with most women.  She asked me if there were any bras in particular I was interested in so I told her I wanted to see how I fitted for Freya especially, and possibly Curvy Kate.  I couldn’t try on any Curvy Kates at all because there were none in stock.  I had a feeling the store wasn’t going to be getting much of them in again, if at all.

Susan left me briefly to source some bras and quickly returned bringing back a few different sizes, and then stayed with me to help me try them out.  Each bra I tried Susan was very efficient in making sure the straps were adjusted right and checked that the bra overall fitted properly.

Some of the bras I seemed to have more luck with than others.  I was surprised by the size and fit inconsistency across different styles of bra.

I first tried on the Freya Faye in both 28GG and 28H in the white and black colour ways.  I was disappointed by the fit and even though it was decided the 28GG felt more comfortable (I felt drowned in the 28H) I didn’t feel either of the sizes were great on me.  Whichever size I tried I couldn’t get the centre gore to sit flush against me, and instead sat away.  The 28H didn’t improve it, just overwhelmed my whole chest and felt too deep under my arms.  Looking at the two images below of both a properly fitting Faye and then the Faye on me, you can see the difference.  It almost looks like the Faye I’m wearing is higher cut where the centre gore sits, like there’s a good inch of depth further up on me which in turn creates a lesser rounded look of the lace edging.  Perhaps if the centre gore panel was lower down between my boobs it would sit better on me.

Freya ‘Faye’ how it should look

How it looks on me

Then I tried Freya Lauren and we didn’t get on at all!  I was really surprised because I liked it from seeing it online and thought it would be a good all rounder; something that gave a really good fit.  It looked awful on me.  The 28H was the best fit but again it just didn’t fully encapsulate my boobs.  The centre gore just didn’t want to play ball.  I disliked how it felt and looked – the cups puckered as if to say they were too big for what they contained, but nothing would make that centre gore shift.  I decided my boobs mustn’t like some shapes of bra because they are quite full fronted.

I did however find the Freya Edina bra was quite a good fit.  I was fitted in the balcony style which is my bra shape of choice.  This one had a really unique look about it; chic monochrome with a fancy print trimmed with black straps, lace and detailing.  I usually prefer colour but I saw the appeal in the Edina.  The band felt snug but it was a moderate tension and didn’t feel restrictive.  As the fabric isn’t as stretchy as some other Freya bras I needed to go up in the cup for a more flattering fit.
For this design Susan decided the 28H was the best size for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a photo of me in this one, I think I was too carried away in the moment, but at least it was a joyful moment!

I was also fitted for some sports bras by Freya, which I will continue in my next post.    🙂

Becky x

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