Braving the Bounce with Panache Sport

September 10, 2014


Big boobs and lively motion don’t well go hand in hand.  Reaching for a sports bra to take on a flight of stairs may be over zealous, but I’d be lost without one pounding the parquet down the gym.

Panache Sport has served me well in the past, with their full bust specialised sports bras providing a high level of comfort parallel to a reliable degree of support.  In fact, I really quite love my Sports bra.  So when the folks over at Panache sent me a Sports Top recently I was pumped with the most keen optimism a gym fresher could have.

The Panache Sports Top is a figure hugging design featuring a built-in Sport Bra, complete with original reverse bra fastener and padded straps.  I received the coral colourway in a 30GG size.


If my Twitter feed is anything to go by, it’s likely common knowledge I’ve joined a gym.  In an attempt to regain my health (and sanity) I’ve taken it upon myself to sign my life away to a schedule of fitness boosting.  Some programmes have proved fantastic, and others, well, not so well.  So what if Body Sculpt was a bit too advanced and had me out of action for three days(!), Pilates has really strengthened my muscles and my Aqua Fit classes alongside swimming are so fun and energising.

I chose to wear my Panache Sports Top to a Zumba class which had restarted following the summer holiday season.  Focusing away from my non-ability to follow a choreographed routine (a dancer I am not), Zumba was energetic, physical and extremely bust animated.  My Sports Top weathered the storm; boobs quaked and wobbled but never ventured off course.

Although I remained contained throughout the exercise I did find myself concerned with too much bounce.  The Sports Top isn’t overly covering, it is pretty low positioned on the chest exposing top breast tissue (the same cut as the Sports Bra), which proved something of a negative issue in providing full support for such an active class.


The 30GG Sports Top overall felt more comfortable and wearable than my 28H Sports Bra, however I can only wonder if being a tighter 28H would have allowed the top to behave more conforming.

For high intensity exercise I would love a top to be closer fitting with a wider degree of bust coverage.

For lower impact cardio, such as treadmill and bike, the Panache Sports Top works well.  The fabric is cool and comfortable, and it’s a non complicated design that’s easy to wear.


What’s your experience of finding the perfect gym gear?

Have a favourite sport bra or piece of fitness clothing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Panache Sport range!

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