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May 24, 2014


I wanted to show you some of the products I’m using right now that I’m really impressed with (and it takes a lot to impress me!)  So, here’s my awesome list of current beauty, skincare and hair care products of the moment:

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover I actually won this recently from Bourjois and I’m glad I did because I’d been too skeptical to buy it.  It is such a breeze to use.  Inside the pot is a saturated black sponge with a hole in the centre where you stick your finger in, wiggle it around and your polish is removed.  So easy and effective – but, don’t do what I did and drip the solution onto your laptop because it’ll burn like acid!

Origins Modern Friction I rarely buy premium beauty brands but this is hands down my favourite face scrub of all time and I keep buying it.  The finely abrasive scrub contains lemon oil which when applied to skin before wetting really works at breaking down oil and blocked pores.  Blackheads stand no chance and my skin always feel super smooth and refreshed after using.

Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash I look forward to washing my face with this because it smells so good I wish I could drink it.  It’s for combination to oily skin which is just right for my oily t zone and the blemishes I seem to be getting a lot of lately.  You only need literally a drip of the gel to get a really good lather too, so it lasts ages.

Benefit Pore Fessional This is just a sample size from Birchbox but big enough considering the small amount I use.  It’s a pore minimizer that works to mask and smooth out enlarged pores.  I use it on my cheeks near my nose and it works a treat.  It’s really silky to apply and stays put for a fair while.

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation I’m massively impressed with this, especially considering I found it on offer in Morrisons for only £3.99, and at full price it’s only £5.99.  The ivory (2) shade – which isn’t even the lightest – is such a good match, and I always find skin matching a nightmare as I have fair, cool tone skin.  The matte coverage is dense without being really heavy and it stays put all day, I swear.  I usually struggle with shine and foundation slipping but this looked pretty fresh right at the end of the day.  So this was a brilliant discovery!

Olay Instant Hydration Eye Gel Anti wrinkle eye treatment is very much part of my twice daily regime and I’m enjoying using this one which is nice and fresh.  I find some gels can feel drying but this one doesn’t and my under eye area feels soft and nourished.  Gels are nice during the warmer months too; this gel is cooling and effective without being heavy.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Mask This has been my hair saviour.  I’ve been dying it a lot in the last six months plus, and the condition of my hair got quite brittle and dry.  This honey scented conditioner is nice and thick to apply and is really sorting my hair out which is feeling softer since using it.


Have you had any experience with these products?  What are your favourite beauty products at the moment?  Anything new and exciting out?

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