The Bra Band Project – the big 30 and under campaign

May 16, 2012

Since I started blogging more about bras and my experiences with fittings, I had my eyes opened.   A world of smaller band sizes I never knew existed, and since being properly fitted as a 28-30 GG-H,  sizes I now needed myself.  Trying to find a bra in a properly fitting size is harder than you’d think when the sizes you need are barely stocked on the high street or as is the case for many smaller backed women, not even manufactured.

Less than a few months ago a campaign appeared to be forming; the Bra Band Project, led by a group of influential lingerie bloggers (By Baby’s Rules, Bras I Hate, Boosaurus and Braless in Brazil) with the same bra passion much like my own.  The intention being to promote the need for smaller backed bras mainly for the DD+ 30″ and below, a poorly served market only on the increase as better fitting advice becomes more prevalent.  I knew I had to take part, and if you’ve not joined yet, there’s still time.

The picture I sent in

The Bra Band Project is a simple concept – send in an image of yourself to show that you are a person that needs a bra measuring 30″ or less.  All the images collated are being used to create a mega board of women, all varied figures and shapes that have one thing in common – the need for DD+ 30 back bras.  With businesses, blogs and demanding customers supporting the project helping it to go viral, its the hope that lingerie companies will see the sense and finally produce a wider range for their customers.

The project has just gone live, showcasing what can only be a hugely positive response that proves the need for 28, 26, and 24 backed bras.

Visit the Facebook page and the Flickr stream now to join in the campaign.

Becky x

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