Shoot – Summer Ethereal

May 29, 2012

Over the past week we’ve been treated to some gloriously tropical weather.  With temperatures soaring high in the mid twenties celcius, it’s been an early Summer tease and I’ve been enthusiastically enjoying the sun and it’s heat.  After the very cold spell we’d been braving earlier, it seemed an appropriate time to seize the opportunity of a photoshoot.  With Sean J Connolly geared up and raring to go, out we drove into the beating sun.

I’d been planning this shoot for quite a while, in many respects for well over a year.  I had all these ideas, clothing and accessories set aside ready but on the day the ideas developed and we ended up creating some beautiful imagery beyond my initial imagination.  That’s the exciting part when you collide creatives together!

We drove to a beauty spot which we’d found by chance only days before; a shrubby overgrown area which was bursting with freshly bloomed blossom.  It was such a pretty unadulterated area secluded away from the busy road just yards away and it smelled divine.

We went through the motions of me wearing a few different corsets with various bits and pieces and ended up with a really striking image of me amongst the floral bushes.  I’m wearing a brilliant white underbust corset with a delicate pair of nipple pasties.  They are adorable little things in pastel hues, intricately adorned with trimmings and bows.  They are designed by a very talented pasty designer at Intimate Jewellery Designs.  I’ve found their pasties and tassels to be amongst the best for the expert craftsmanship.

Following Sean’s wizardly touch, the image just looked even better!

Another look which turned out particularly well was the angel inspired theme.  I’d brought my giant feathery angel wings and, when paired with a simple little white dress, and a blossom halo made on the spot by Sean (he’s clever like that), we produced some wowser pictures that I just adore!

We ventured onto another destination, an ancient wood in the depths of Yorkshire that required us to walk down (and back up!) the most astonishing amount of steps I’ve ever seen!  But it was worth it.  🙂  Beneath the tree canopy wild garlic flowers carpeted the wood floor to such a vast expanse.  The sunlight snuck through the leaves, spying in at every given opportunity, and there was an immense serene ambiance.  It felt perfectly magical, as if the most natural experience was to stumble upon an angel befallen from the heavens.

I love it when ideas and inspiration just implode and result in amazing pictures you’d be hard pressed to repeat.  🙂
Becky x


  1. contrary kiwi

    May 30, 2012 at 2:21 am

    I love the angel photos, especially the second one. You look like you have some delicious secret and you’re perfectly happy to just think about it and keep it to yourself.

  2. Daniel Hirsch

    May 30, 2012 at 10:32 am

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  3. Cavy.girl

    May 30, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Hey, thanks very much! My secret just may be all the crap I’m kneeling in, lol! Squishy plants, mud and slugs were the order of the day to get some good pictures. lol

    Becky x

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