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April 22, 2014

Charnos has long held a reputation for quality lingerie, and many would assume the brand caters for what is considered mainstream sizing.  Whilst a good number of bra manufacturers do produce beyond the traditionally recognised large cup of a D, not so many will as easily entertain the G cup.

When I was asked by lingerie retailer, Mio Destino, to review a set from their online range, I was surprised to learn for the first time that Charnos do actually extend to an H, and I was able to try a bra by Charnos for the first time in my preferred 30GG.

Charnos Sienna in Black

Mio Destino wished for me to review the Sienna set, which is a collection I wasn’t familiar with but did like when I saw it online.  Sienna is a continuity line of Charnos so it’s produced in new fashion colours each season, with vibrant fuchsia giving Sienna a pop of colour brightness this SS14.  I adore colour, and believe me, this colourway is sensational!

Embroidered Mesh Cups

Sienna is a classically shaped full cup bra with a modern twist.  The medium high central gore and high apex allows for ample breast encasing, whilst the directional embroidery fashioned on mesh provides a fresh and glamorous take on the otherwise full coverage style.

The microfibre fabric is soft and slinky to the touch; together with four section, soft unpadded cups and structured side support, makes for a smooth and comfortable everyday bra.

Wearing 30GG Charnos Sienna

The band was snug and firm with the cups fully encasing – no bulging or spillage and the fabrication felt amazing, but sadly there was something very wrong in it’s fitting on me.  The straps felt too far apart and close to the edge of my shoulders, with the high apex and wing cutting close into my under arm.  It was not comfortable in the slightest and I’m afraid I couldn’t bear to wear it.  I’m not quite sure why I faired so badly with Sienna, especially since I was wearing a 30GG.  Every aspect of the bra felt right aside from the strap placement and close fabric around the armpit.

I don’t really like ending posts on a negative note, especially when I really like the look of a bra.  It’s great to know that Charnos make lingerie right up to an H cup,  I just wish my little shoulders agreed with the shape of Sienna for me to wear my GG cup.


What is your experience with the Charnos brand?  How do you find their fit?  What problems do you typically encounter with ill-fitting bras?

*Gifted by Mio Destino*


  1. Panty Buns

    April 23, 2014 at 12:46 am

    The fuchsia pink is a pretty colour and the Charnos Sienna lingerie set from Mio Destino you showcased looks pretty on you. I visited Mio Destino’s site but couldn’t find a back view of the set. There was a lot of pretty lingerie to browse through. It’s too bad the straps of The Charnos Lingerie Sienna bra were set so far to the outside. Having bra straps slipping down can be bothersome. The embroidery on the bra is pretty.

  2. Becky Boudoir

    April 23, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Hi! Are back shots a view point you like to consider? I shall have to show the reverse of bras more often!

    Becky x

  3. Megan

    December 16, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    I know that it’s been forever since you posted this, but I was wondering how Charnos compares to Panache in sizing?

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