Professional Bra Fitting – How Not To Do It

March 12, 2012

I was asked to be professionally fitted for some reviews I’ll be doing shortly so I know the exact size/s I’ll need. I’ve been wearing 32F bras for a long time and only recently switched to wearing a couple of 30G bras, although I’ve been sceptical that even this was right. The last time I was fitted was by M&S in Darlington when they said I’m a 32G but I decided later that same day that the 32 back was way too big for me. So I was actually looking forward to getting fitted again.
The first stockist I was suggested I try in Darlington that supplied Freya bras was Lady J Lingerie, a small boutique shop in the town centre, so I went into there.
It’s only a small shop and when I walked inside there weren’t that so many racks of bras, but I quickly located the Freya section situated directly opposite the sales counter. The assistant was already speaking to a customer, coincidentally also about what Freya bras they had in their size. (I overheard the lady say she was after a 34E and noting her petite frame I couldn’t help but think to myself, I bet you’re not love).
I quickly scanned the bras for the sizes I was hoping to play around with; the 30G, maybe a 30GG or a 28 back in the same cups. I didn’t see any 28s but decided I would have to ask. I actually felt really awkward just standing in the shop. I hadn’t been acknowledged that I was even there, received no hello of any sort since entering the shop, so I just hung around next to the Freyas. I had a look in the sale rack in the window to see if I’d have any luck finding one of the sizes in there, but didn’t. I wandered back over to the counter and thought ‘this is ridiculous, someone’s gonna have to speak first!’.
I looked at the lady behind the counter, caught her sight and asked if they stocked 28 backs. I tried to explain I was wearing a 30G but wasn’t sure if the size was right for me. She said they can order them in, when I explained I was looking for a fitting first, and that I was going to be doing a review on some Freya bras. I had my email from Freya in hand which was to remind me of the types of bras I should try on, which the lady took upon herself to take from my hand to read. I thought that was quite rude because my email was none of her business but I hastened to say anything.
She took me further into the shop where there were a couple of fitting rooms. Normally when I’ve been fitted in the past I would go into the cubicle, undress and wait for the assistant to come in or pass through the curtain some bras to try on. Not in this case. The lady came right in with me and stood there barely inches away from me watching me undress! I’m pretty sure this isn’t the done practice nor would be appreciated by any other customer. I’m a model and fairly used to dressing and undressing in front of people for fittings etc but this would appall so many people not used to it. Heck, I was appalled!
Then she asked me “are you looking to buy today?”. So much for no obligation fittings…
She seemed disinterested to deal with me because I wasn’t buying a bra on that occasion. Needless to say there were no bras I could try on so the lady simply told me where the bra I was wearing wasn’t serving me well; the 30 back was too generous and the G cup could do with being bigger. It was agreed a 28GG would be the best size for me.
She told me to get dressed so she could show me the Freya catalogue. (A reason to get me dressed, passed the counter and out.) At first the lady was adamant Freya don’t make 28 back GG cups but upon looking through the catalogue she backtracked saying “oh they must have started to do them now..
I thanked her for her time and advice and said I may be back when she gets some 28 backs in. It might be a while yet…
Have you had any uncomfortable experiences getting professionally fitted? Have you found a really good fitter in your area?
Becky x

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