New Battery Request…

February 21, 2011

Following a disappointing weekend (I was too ill to partake in Sunday’s shoot) I started Monday bright and early for the arrival of some new delights, aka more underwear for the ‘work’ box!

Had a hot chocolate to help warm me up because yet again the snow was breaking out into full blizzard. I feel sorry for the birds out there trying to think about nesting, and thankful for the fact that our guinea pigs and rabbits are snugly safe inside out of that horrid cold.
Mr Postie delivered me some nice new additions which I’m looking forward to using soon. A gorgeous Gossard bra and shortie set in purple ‘tulip’ shade, and a sophisticated gold and white brocade corset. Another corset is still due to arrive this week, so anyone looking to do a luxurious boudoir shoot I’ll have lots of delicious underwear to the rafters!
Now I just need some new batteries to get me through this week on a blaze!

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