My Budget Bucket List

August 1, 2013

Until this post, I’d never really devised a bucket list before.  Embarrassingly as it may be to admit, I hadn’t even known of the term until the movie ‘The Bucket List’ came out starring Morgan Freeman.  I thought it all seemed a bit morbid, that a list of a few activities can define a life.  But, then I remembered the lists I make every now and then, the ‘how to better my life’ list scribbled onto a Post-It note; the lists I gradually crossed off as I achieved my goals: learn to drive, go self employed, learn to horse ride (yet to cross off) and ‘get out more’.  I guess without thinking I’ve already been making mini bucket lists.

When I went on tv series, Brides on a Bus, four years ago I was unaware that I’d take part in some fantastic and once in a lifetime experiences that I’d still think about today.  Challenges I got to do included playing rugby with a top Welsh player, putting my hand into a chamber of bugs whilst blindfolded, sheep herding and 4×4 off roading (which was fantastic fun, I must add!).  These are the kind of things you may put on a bucket list, although never in a million years would I ever have thought I’d be doing them!

Me off-roading it on Brides on a Bus

The problem with bucket lists is that, although they’re hugely inspiring and fun to compile (and complete) they’re usually pretty expensive.  It would be nice to have a never ending pit of money to fund these dream experiences but sadly most of us can’t afford to do many of them.  In these cash strapped times doing anything is impossible, isn’t it?

Learning how to make a dress for myself from scratch is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now.  I’ve been into crafting and sewing since I was a teenager and only two Christmases ago I got my sewing machine.  I’ve been making odd things here and there, mainly cushions and decorations that I’ve given as gifts but I really want to venture into making pieces of clothing.  Looking through books and trying to follow online tutorial videos isn’t really cutting it for me so in an ideal world I’d jump on a local course so I can properly learn how to craft some clothes and make use of old clothes and fabric.  *Thinking thrifty!*

To fly to space?  Come on, who wouldn’t?!  The A list celebs and wealthy are all signing up to be the first to jet off into space so imagine being on that same craft.  The view of Earth would be breathtaking.  I bet it would feel like an out of body experience, other worldly.  So amazing.

What would be on your bucket list?

Becky x

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