Lingerie Review | La Senza Body Kiss

June 25, 2013

La Senza was always my go-to store when shopping for D+ bras but, these days, since their new ownership, the larger cups have unfortunately been done away with.  The new look La Senza is very much a reinvented, on trend brand with solely the A-DD market in its sights, focusing on sexy smalls for the smaller bust.

Even though I can’t actually fit into La Senza bras any more, I’ve still been intrigued to see what the new La Senza offers.  From the website to the window displays it’s clear that this is a sister company to powerhouse Victoria’s Secret, with it’s bright colours, full on enticing shapes and come and get it attitude.

La Senza sent me a set from their Body Kiss collection: a range of seam-free bras and smooth briefs to give a uncompromised silhouette and bring an end to digging and nipping.  I chose to check out the apricot colour Picot Trim bra in 32DD/E and small bikini brief.

*Now the sizing method does have me confused somewhat.  The La Senza website states that it uses US sizing and encourages you to check against your own country’s size, which is a weird one as you’d expect a website to be for the British consumers.  I requested an E cup and was sent a DD, but looking closer at the label it says ‘INT 70DD/E, CDA/USA 32DD’.  Is this the US sizing coming into play?  Is this indeed a UK 32E?  Could La Senza embellish on this?*

The fabric is a high content polyester mix lending a silky feel to the touch.  The slight picot trim along the front edge of the cups gives a more feminine touch to an otherwise plain design.  The colour is a neon juicy watermelon shade, such a pretty colour for summer!

The Body Kiss collection is, in essence, a t shirt bra range, but it’s also generously padded for incredible boob boosting.  The entire cup is cushioned which increases in depth the further down the cup it goes.  The structure is thoughtfully created to be light and leave minimal marks, as the unconventional underwiring is flattened for a more natural line, and the double sided wings ensure the band elastic is invisible.  I personally love this feature of hiding the elastic as I find this part of my bras usually aggravates my skin.  This would be a perfect choice for someone with skin sensitivities.

If you’re looking for a smooth line beneath your summer tees and like a bit of cleavage, the Body Kiss is definitely worth having a look at.  It’s just a shame that La Senza don’t want to engage with the fuller cups they once over catered for, because, aside from the ample padding, there’s much about the Body Kiss design that I’d love to wear.

What are your thoughts on the new La Senza? 

Becky x


  1. Ameri

    June 26, 2013 at 12:08 am

    All of my bras are from La Senza, but the cups are a little small on me, haha. I measure at a 28E, and the closest I can get is a 30D, but I think the bands must run small because a 30 feels snug on me. If only it went one cup size higher!

  2. The Lamb

    June 27, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    There’s nothing more off putting than a UK store catering to an American audience!
    However i do like the colour and simple shape of this bra. Shame the sizing is so confusing though as i’d have to try one on before i bought and i can’t stand how garish their stores are!


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