Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition

March 10, 2011

It’s that time of year again when Curvy Kate, leading lingerie manufacturers for those with a larger bust, launch the hotly anticipated competition in the lingerie industry – the search for their annual Star in a Bra!

Me being the ever game and curvy gal, couldn’t wait to get my own pictures sent in. Armed with my most fabulous underwear I let Sean loose to snap away – and I loved it! Curvy Kate love their girls to show their confidence in their own skin and smile, and all who know me and have had the pleasure to work with me (!) know just how much of a big kid I am and how I love to have fun on my shoots and SMILE! 🙂 Let’s hope they’re looking for someone with a real woman’s figure and chirpy personality such as my own! The competition draws to a close in less than 6 days time, so fingers crossed. x
Today I’ve been planning what shoots I’d personally like to do and I’m really quite excited about what I’ve come up with. A couple of shoots rely on the arrival of some props which I’m awaiting from the wonderland that is eBay. I squealed like a mouse when I found one of these items, something I’ve been sniffing out for what’s felt like aaaaages. I will share more with you later on…..
Also today I took the plunge of stripping my hair. Sounds scary, which I admit was when I started applying the liquid – it smelled awful! – but this basically meant the removal of all permanent colourings out of my hair and returning it, supposedly, back to its original colour. I thought it odd that no colour was actually washing out during the rinsing processes but it must have been going somewhere because my hair was changing shade. I’ve now got some very lovely ginger sections amongst my brunette mane (I say with with slight sarcasm), which can only mean the red which the L’oreal team applied for the Autumn Winter ’10 show last year had been put on prelightened hair. I’m guessing. Well as long as when I come to colour it again in a week or so’s time, it’s all evenly chocolatey, I’m happy! We shall see, ay?


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