Cosy Hosiery | Falke Soft Merino & Cotton Tights

September 30, 2015

Now that we’re moving toward October, my outfits are taking a decidedly Autumnal feel.  Even throughout our abysmal Summer, leggings had become too much of a lazy staple in my wardrobe, and to be frank, I’m bored with them.  Tights are suddenly interesting again so I’ve been treating myself to some new warm hosiery.



When UKTights approached me recently it was really good timing, because it meant I had this fantastic opportunity to consider a range of brands I otherwise wouldn’t have.  They stock tons of well known labels alongside less familiar brands, so I spent heaps of time comparing and checking out each product’s offering.

A warm and cosy pair of tights for everyday wear was high on my list of priorities, so it didn’t take me long to find what I was after.  The Falke Soft Merino Wool and Cotton Mix Tights sounded perfect, so these went straight into my basket.  They come in a gorgeous choice of colourways such as Winter White, Merlot and Dark Brown, but I chose black as a good basic to start from.  Based on my hip: 42″ / height: 5’8″ measurements I decided the Large would be the best size.




I’ve bought a lot of Falke stockings in the past so I knew this was a premium name to sample from.  At almost £30 it’s a steep hike on my previous tights budget, so my expectations were high.  They would have to be seriously good tights for me to consider spending so much on something you can pick up for a few quid down the pharmacy.  And I was surprised.




These luxury everyday tights are heavyweight and comparably stronger engineered to a standard pair of thick woolly tights.

I was initially concerned the wool content meant the tights may feel itchy, but thankfully it wasn’t the case.  They’re constructed so that the cotton is on the inside with the merino wool to the outer side, resulting in a dense cotton knit with a soft and woolly texture.

The tights feature a deep ribbed waistband and are comfortably generous on the tummy and bottom.  The centre seam and two back seams meet at the gusset which altogether form a more tailored fit.

The foot features a fully fashioned heel and toe, so the tights wear easily like a sock.  The downside of which is that should you have a foot smaller than the sock, you get a slight looseness in the fabric.  (An issue I found with my size 6, little toed feet.)






I love wearing these tights because they’re so comfy and easy to care for.  At the end of the day I can pop them in a quick, low temperature wash and they’ll come out just like new.  And, because cotton and wool are natural fibres, you don’t get stinky feet too!  Yes, they’re higher priced than your regular winter tights, but I can tell they’re well made and will last me a long time.




*I was PR Gifted the Falke Wool & Cotton Tights, £27.99*

What do you look for in a pair of everyday cold weather tights?  Do you like natural fibre tights or prefer an opaque polyamide?  What do you gauge the real value of tights on?

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  1. Panty Buns

    October 4, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    I love the colour combination and contrast of the outfit pieces you styled together in your OOTD! Your pastel blue/periwinkle top, dark red/burgundy pencil skirt and pretty floral silk scarf look great styled with your black Falke tighs from UK Tights. I like the variety of hosiery available on the UK Tights website, including in their ‘featured’, ‘seams’, and ‘fishnets’ categories.

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