Christmas Watch Lust List

November 1, 2013
One of my favourite watches, now over 10 years old!

I love watches.  I think my love affair started back when I was coming of age and needed a watch for ‘big school’.  I was given by my parents a gorgeous watch that had a cat on the face and a mouse ran round as the sweeping second hand.  I adored it and it made me feel all grown up.  Sadly I was only to own it for a short time and the story ends with tragedy.  If I’d lost it, or better still, broken it, I’d be okay, but that wasn’t what happened to my poor cat watch.  I say a ‘fellow’ classmate had put it in the bin when I had to take it off for food technology class, but I didn’t know of it’s whereabouts until later, and it was too late.  It came as no surprise to me some years later to find out this trustworthy person is now a politician…

So, my yearning for my favourite, most precious watch has turned me into a watch whore.  Quality is everything to me, I love a top end brand and beauty makes me weak at the knees.

I have a fair few watches – mostly DKNY, Guess and Miss Sixty – but I’m looking to purchase a new one very soon; an early Christmas present if I really can’t wait for Santa’s delivery!  I recently won the big Tresemme and Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model competition to go to Birmingham for a make over plus lunch at Selfridges with £450 to spend in store, so I may pop to The Watch Hut concession and see what’s there!

My ideal next watch purchase will be analogue with a leather strap, a clear face and easy to see numerical marks.  

This is my lust list of beautiful watches I have my eye on:

1.  Floozie by Frost French (Debenhams) White Floral Dial watch, £20
2.  Emporio Armani Rose Gold Plated Leather watch, £279
3.  Olivia Burton Colour Crush Turquoise watch, £55
4.  Radley Rose Gold Plated Grey Leather watch, £89.99
5.  ASOS Vintage Style Floral Dial watch, £20
6.  Marc by Marc Jacobs (The Watch Hut) Gold Toned Leather watch, £121
7.  Olivia Burton Wonderland Dusty Pink & Gold watch, £62


Are you particular about what your watch looks like?  Like a certain style?  Do you think your choice of watch says something about your taste or personality?

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