Boux Avenue Lingerie Reviewed

February 25, 2013

Boux Avenue is very much the type of lingerie store after my heart.  If you’ve ever paid a visit to one of their boutique looking shops you’ll know where I’m coming from; the huge, sophisticated black gloss doors which open to a glamorous treasure trove adorned with glass chandeliers and boudoir tables blanketed with lacy lingerie.  Boux Avenue is, in essence, affordable luxury.

I was asked to look at Boux Avenue‘s current lingerie collection and to choose some items which I could then review – an offer which was too good to deny!  I had a look through the website but it didn’t take me very long to decide what items to pick because the choice was particularly tantilising and very quickly my basket bagan to fill up.  I found it really easy selecting what sizes I needed and adding to my basket but I did experience quite a big glitch attempting to view – and then proceed – my basket to checkout.  After some technical intervention with the ‘better half’ I soon found myself at the end of my online experience.  From the day I ordered to the day my package arrived it only took a matter of a few days which I thought was super quick!

My order arrived in a cardboard box which beneath that contained a Boux Avenue branded box.  It looked feminine and high end, and on opening the lid my lingerie was neatly folded within pretty pink tissue paper and perfume scented faux rose petals.  The whole box and it’s contents smelled divine.

My first lingerie piece is the Angelina Strapless Bra in white (30G).  You can also get this in black but the white version stood out to me, looking very bridal and beautiful.  A complimenting mix of smooth satin and intricate lace trimmed with a centre pearl, this bra really is attractive to look at.  Half cup padded balcony styled with detachable straps means it’s wearability is very flexible as either a strapped bra or strapless.

Sadly I found the 30G too small for me to wear properly, as you’ll be able to see from my photos, but it still manages to look lovely.

I secondly chose to buy the Marilyn Girdle (size 12) as it’s an item of lingerie I’ve never purchased before.  I do own quite a few suspender belts and similar garments so I was really keen to see how a girdle compared to my usual go-to attire.  I’ve always considered a girdle to be very old fashioned, something my late Grandma wore, but the Marilyn is more of a classical and feminine piece and supremely modern vintage.

Marilyn was easy to wear as it was just a case of pulling it on; there were no fiddly zips or buttons.  Normally I find attaching suspenders to be tricky but it was so easy fixing my stockings onto these.  My silhouette looked shaped and contained which I would happily wear underneath a dress next time I feel the need for shapewear.

Finally I purchased a pair of Frilly Milly briefs (size 12) as I just love the over the top girly look of them.  I wear knickers like these fairly often for boudoir modelling shoots and so these would be a great idea if you’re looking for boudoir attire.

The pink and black alternate frills were cute but not overpowering to look at because of the muted pink shade.  They are styled highly cut across the bottom, like a cross between a thong and a short.   These are really cute and fun to wear just for the pleasure of it.

Boux Avenue are an attractive brand with a very recognisable and particular look which is a rarity for the British lingerie market. Their use of quality fabrics and refined designs make them desirable while their resonable prices attainable.  It’s brilliant to see a high street lingerie store catering for the larger bust too and I look forward to seeing their sizing chart broaden to cover the scarcely produced 28 backs.

Becky x


  1. The Lamb

    February 25, 2013 at 10:35 am

    These are such lovely garments! You definitely made good choices!

  2. lingerieandlibraries

    February 25, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    That bra looks like a white version of the Masquerade Rosetti, very pretty. How did it feel without the straps? Does it feel like it would support, if the cup volume fit, with an altered down band?

  3. Becky Boudoir

    February 25, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks Lamb! 🙂

    It does look quite similar to the Rosetti, actually! The Angelina’s cups are satin overlaid with lace where as with the Rosetti it’s the other way around. I think I prefer the look of the latter, because the satin looks nicer running along the top of the cups more fluidly.

    It wasn’t too bad without the straps. It was difficult to judge properly with the bra not being the best size but it was okay. It had a rubbery grip along the inside of the band to keep it in place which would be adequate when the correct size is worn.

    Becky x

  4. Paula Leithfield

    March 5, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Becky, like you I thought a girdle would be a bit old school but it looks really fabulous on you I will have to look into this myself.

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