10 Gripes Only A Blogger Will Understand

December 4, 2014
Image: Chris Rout Model: Me!


Being a blogger is fantastic!  Your voice has its own platform to air your opinion on whatever matters in your world.  You get to share your passions and apathy for products and be part of an awesome community.

But sometimes being a blogger is the biggest bitch.  You learn you’re a perfectionist as much as you’re a jealous freak, as sometimes nothing goes to plan, despite your damnedest to make it so.

While the vast majority of time blogging is frigging amazing and all sorts of addictive, there’s the odd time you feel bummed out.  Welcome to the real life of a blogger.


The big fat douche moments of being a blogger:

1  Thinking of a fantastic idea that no one else appears to have thought of, when another blog seemingly beats you to it posting a far too similar article that makes you look like you copied (when you finally post yours).

2  You pitch to a brand with an idea you’re going to blog about, only for the pr folk to think it’s such a good idea they approach their other bloggers who end up posting your no longer unique idea.

3  You worship a brand. You’ve bought their products for years, in fact, you’re their biggest fan and you stalk them on their social media channels and rave about them at every opportunity. But they never approach you and ignore any attempt from you to work with them.

4  You have weeks of no new samples then they all come at once. No you can’t use the rest of the month to spread the reviews out, you must post the very next day otherwise you’re an untrustworthy, slack blogger.

5  You spend an entire afternoon shooting your wares for your awaiting blog posts only to find every image sucks and you scrap the lot. You’re having a bad hair day and apparently an excessively visible belly outline day too.

6  You have to write a scathing review of a product you want to love but which fails on every expectation. You try to be tactful while still being honest and hope the brand doesn’t black list you for good.

7  You’re invited to press events but because you live a million miles away from the capital of civilisation you can never attend.  Your lack of presence makes you look unprivileged, not that you couldn’t make it, and then you worry that brands think you’re not interested and take it you’re not worth working with.

8  There’s always someone better than you, working with more brands, attracting more followers.  You envy those who instagram amazing products you wish you were approached about, and hope for the worst when someone gets a book deal, before considering shutting down your blog as you wail into your pillow.

9  You’re considered over flowing in body confidence because you parade in your pants (or whatever else you’re showing off.)  You’re actually having a mentally self conscious day and nobody knows just how many takes of different angles and facial expressions it took to get that ‘okay’ photo.

10  You blog out of love and rarely get paid for it so you can’t afford to buy all the products from the mountains of press releases and brochures you’re sent.  You either bankrupt yourself or make do with wish lists.


Agree with any of these?  

Add any more rants below that you think I’ve missed.

P.S  I love being a blogger really!


  1. Christopher

    December 4, 2014 at 1:30 am

    Put simply becky, we love you and you’re doing an amazing job of what you do. Not only do you provide reliable and informative information, you also fill out the beautiful lingerie perfectly. You have fans as well as followers and I for one enjoy your posts and amazing images.

    Keep up the excellent work, you’re a rare flower of beauty.

  2. Miss Sophie Cake

    December 20, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Ooooh I feel you sista! Especially the 4 and the 7. I would still add one: when you hate one particular PR person for being rude to you in the past and then she happens to land a job in the very company you adore and have worked with before. Yikes!

    1. Becky Magson

      December 22, 2014 at 1:02 am

      Oh my goodness, yes, that is a bug bear too! I wonder if we’re thinking of the same pr, ha ha! x

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